Glacier Hotels Pvt. Ltd. Blog Latest Products Mon, 22 Jul 2024 09:11:57 +0530 en-us Benefits of Luxury Hotels As Accommodations For Vacations Thu, 11 Apr 2019 16:39:16 +0530 Vacations and holidays are escapes from your mundane general routines. These are trips that you plan with your family, friends and dear ones. In order to make a success out of these vacations, planning well ahead of time is really important.   Various aspects of the vacation like the places you wish to visit, the means of transport and travel, the bookings that you will be made and the accommodations for the trip needs to be planned. These are aspects that contribute to your experience of the vacation and also affect the total cost of the vacation.  Keeping this in mind most people like to book budget hotels so that the cost of the total trip is within manageable limits. Most people think that luxury hotels can incur a huge cost and can really make matters beyond your reach. This is true that the luxury hotels like the luxury hotel accommodations in Manali come with a certain price, but against this price these 3-star hotels in Manali and other cities offer a large number of benefits that can take your experience of this vacation to another level. Ambience – The very first benefit of staying in a 3 Star luxury hotel is the kind of ambience that you get to enjoy. Every smallest aspect of the hotel will reflect a kind of class and affluence that you will be transported to another world of opulence and extravagance. This is a feeling that will be spread across the various parts of the hotel and also the rooms that you book. This can be a really elating experience like a never before experience. Extra Services – These luxury hotels offer a huge bouquet of extra services such as services of the spa, services of gyms, pools, valet parking, massage centers, private doctors and much more. These are extra services that can really help improve your experience of staying in this new city. If this is a business trip then such 3-star hotels can also help you in arranging events like conferences, seminars and other forms of meetings. Products – Such palatial luxury hotels often have their own personal array of products such as toiletries, fragrances, own liquor, welcoming sweets, confectionaries, and chocolates. These indulgences are really unique and can help you experience a lavishness that was earlier unknown to you. Cuisine – If you wish to taste the authentic cuisine of the place then these luxury hotels can offer you the best possible experiences. These hotels often have more than one restaurants that are often specialty restaurants in their own right.  Trip Arrangers – If you wish to go for local sightseeing, then these hotels can also arrange for conveyance means that will help you to see the place as close as possible. View – These hotels are often situated at locations that can offer you a panoramic view of the surrounding locales.   Even if you feel that these hotels are expensive, there are several people who will want to book them. Hence book best hotels in Manali for an unparalleled experience and an unforgettable holiday. Facilities Provided By Luxury Hotel Packages Tue, 17 Dec 2019 18:12:31 +0530 Manali is a high altitude, Himalayan resort town in North Indian Himachal Pradesh state. It is also famous for mountaineering as well as honeymoon destination. It is located on Beas River; it’s a gateway for various activities like skiing in the Solang Valley. Manali is derived from the word Manu Alaya which means the abode of Manu.     The British introduced apple trees in this area. The best timing to visit Manali is from October to February. The temperature drops down below zero degrees Celsius. In Manali, usually summer starts from March and lasts till June. There are a lot of prominent hotels located in the region amidst beautiful landscapes; the hotel also offers attractive tariff plans along with facilities.     • Honeymoon Special Packages Luxury Hotel Packages in Manali are providing various facilities that suit the customer according to their needs. There are multiple packages are build for the convenience of the customer. One of them includes Honeymoon Package which consists of flower decoration of the room for couple. This package also includes Badam Milk, Season time candlelight dinner in room balcony along with gift at the time of checkout of the resort.     • Family suite packages This type of packages is specially meant for persons who came to Manali with other family members. Here a family can visit various places in Manali like Hidimba Devi Temple, Solang Valley, Rohtang Pass, Manali Sanctuary etc. However hotel packages include sightseeing for the family, which starts from the morning and ends with snacks on arrival in hotel. Even some Luxury Hotel Packages in Manali provides Discotheque Health Club with other hotel facilities.     • Spa packages Luxury hotels in Manali also provide spa packages to their customers who are included in the room bookings. This facility is exclusive for its preferred customers. However if anyone wants to avail such facilities then one has to take Luxury Hotel Packages Booking subscription or have to pay more amount. Spa facilities will rejuvenate you at such a beautiful place and will make your trip enjoyable.     • Swimming Pool Packages Luxury hotels in Manali also provide facilities to their customers, such as Restaurant & Disco Pub, Intercom Connectivity, Car Parking, Room Service, Laundry Service, Travel Help Desk, Free Wi-Fi, Multi-cuisine Restaurant. However, Luxury hotels include packages like swimming pool packages exclusive for their guests. However one can also take advantage of availing Luxury Hotel Packages Booking.     Thus, Luxury Hotels in Manali providing fantastic facilities to their customers and work cordially with clients to provide best in class Resorts package in Manali. provides world-class resort packages that will facilitate according to customer needs. They offer luxurious facilities which will cater the need of customer and also make their trip enjoyable.     So don’t wait and just book the rooms and visit Manali and enjoy the world-class facilities available at the Luxury Hotel Packages in Manali. If you are visiting Manali then don’t forget to book the packages so that you can avail the benefit of such beautiful place with beautiful luxury hotels. Hire The Best Himachal Travel Agent For An Unsparing Experience Mon, 20 Jan 2020 15:58:42 +0530 You spend your entire year either in your office or completing your other important chores. Therefore, when you get some spare time and intend to visit Himachal Pradesh, you must look for the best travel agent. A trip will not only help you feel refreshed but will also give you the much-needed energy required to keep you going with full zest. A popular and effective travel agency helps in arranging your transportation, facilities, tours, hotels, guides, and other vital nitty-gritty. A travel agent, in short, will do all such things that will turn your trip a successful and memorable one. You would love to hire the same travel agent over and over again to get the same set of services. Given below are some essential tips that will help you select the best Himachal travel agent:   Select a travel agent online: Due to the limitation of the internet, travel agents were not given much priority earlier. Now, many people rely on a travel agent when they consider embarking on a trip and look for him online. You will get plenty of options online along with reviews that will help you choose the best agent. Travel agents have emerged as a great source of information. The agent will be able to provide you with a vast range of essential services. He will help in making your trip free from all hassles and smooth. And, he will save you precious time and money. A good travel agent will ask you details of your trip: A sound travel agent will tend to ask you the outline of your trip. He would want to know how long you plan to stay and what budget you have allocated for your trip. It will help him arrange for the important things in an easier manner. Alarm bells must ring in your ear if your travel agent starts preparing for your trip without asking these important questions. Either he may exceed your budget or he may end up arranging things below your expectations. The more inquisitive your travel agent is, the higher will be the chances of your trip getting successful. A good travel agent must recognize your requirement: A trustworthy travel agent must be able to understand all your needs. He should clarify the purpose of your trip. He should know the mode of your transportation whether it is an airline, bus, or car. He would ensure where you want to go and when during your trip. He will make sure that the trip fits as per your plan. With these details, he will try to arrange everything in place right from flight booking, guide, and transportation to hotel booking. Travel agency certification: If you get the opportunity, you can take a glance at the travel agent’s authoritative certification. The authoritative travel bodies make sure that travel agents meet the basic academic and professional standards. You need to ensure that the travel agent has at least one or a few certifications from professional organizations. Check the travel agent’s website and customer service: You must browse the website of the travel agency that you have decided to finalize. The website will give you a fair idea about the impression of the company. Check if the website appears to be professional and give a positive impact on the company. You can also view feedback from previous clients. You may also check the customer service of the travel agency. See how they deal with their clients.   Therefore, we can conclude here that the above tips will help in finalizing the Best Himachal Travel Agent. Why Should You Hire Best Tour Operator in Himachal Pradesh? Tue, 31 Mar 2020 10:48:33 +0530 Himachal Pradesh - blessed with beautiful valleys, fast-flowing rivers, exquisite temples and lush green places. It is the best place for relaxing, Fishing, Skiing, Trekking, Para-gliding, Mountaineering and Ice Skating. It is a great place for Tranquillity lovers. Moreover, Himachal is the admirable place for those who would like to live in the LAP OF NATURE, Himachal Pradesh tour offers some great places,   Kullu Manali, Shimla, Kasauli, Chamba, Dharamshala, Dalhousie and more.   For enjoying this place the fullest, you need to book a package with the help of the best tour operator in Himachal Pradesh.     Significance of a Tour Operator in India     The tech-savvy generation today believes in the ways of the internet while the tourists never bother for a plan. But in the case of India tour; however, both the ways can turn into a blunder. The country is famous for its uncertainties, and it is not easy to find out without any supervision. The tour operators in Himachal Pradesh emerges as a perfect companion chasing away the complexities and overcoming all obstacles to ensure you have an excellent travelling experience.     Different regions in India has its own language, customs, topographical features, history and sets of beliefs. Hence to incorporate all the features of the particular area you should get the assistance of a tour agent to present in the country.     Some of the most popular themes for travelling to Himachal Pradesh     Before you book your package to Himachal Pradesh, you need to set your idea first. There are myriads of destination which you can roam with your family.     Honeymooner’s paradise- the tranquil environs are blessed with lush green mountains, pristine waterfalls, and giant peeks at Kullu, Manali, Shimla and more.     Adrenaline Rush of Adventure- seek adventure at some of the exciting treks, Hampta Pass- Baralachala, Tosh- Sara Umga Pass, and Chandrakhani Pass.     Pious Pilgrimages – this land of gods is peppered with numerous shrines, and the famous temples are Hadimba Devi Temple, Naina Devi Temple, Chamunda Devi Temple, Dalai Lama Monastery, Jwalamukhi Temple and more.     Choosing the Right One   India is a renowned travel destination, and it witnesses horde of travellers each year. Thus the tourism industry is flourishing giving birth to many tour agencies delivering their services for Himachal Pradesh tour. From a huge number of tour operators in India, one should look for the     Ones with good respectability in the business. Those accredited by the ministry of tourism, govt. Of India Provide best offers, innovative touring routes and top-notch standards of services. Have excellent vendor relationships       The associations such as IATA is generally the most reliable organizations for planning a Himachal Pradesh tour. These tour agencies in Himachal Pradesh with experienced tour operators are reputed for their detailed knowledge about the traveller’s needs.       Role of an India Incoming Tour Operator   Once you choose your tour operator, your travel worries will come to an end. The operators are providing one happy and exciting experience. They will take care of the arrangements starting from planning your perfect tour itinerary with inclusions made as per your preferences, also suggesting better sightseeing options and off the beaten path to explore the country. Your best tour operator in Himachal Pradesh will be strategically taking care of all the arrangements starting from.     welcoming you at the airport to hotel transfer, escorting you to the sightseeing places, hotel bookings, flights reservations, availing reputed guide services, complete upkeep and assistance throughout the tour     Everything will be done under expert precision. How To Choose The Best Resort Packages In Manali? Tue, 16 Jun 2020 17:13:45 +0530 When there are so many options for all-inclusive resort packages, it becomes difficult for you to choose the best one. You should be extra careful about the packages that you are choosing and should perform research before you choose. We usually depend on customer reviews and first-hand experience but there are other things as well which you should check before you choose. Check the points below to choose the best resorts packages in Manali. Call An Agent Travel agents are helpful in these cases. They are well versed in all-inclusive resort packages. It is difficult for us to translate the different categories of the room that are usually available at all-inclusive resorts. They can be confusing and difficult at work. When you choose a large agency or a well-known agency thing becomes much easy. This is because their agents will help you know every detail that is included in the package. Also when you are choosing packages with help of travel agent then you get other perks as well like excursions, upgrades, and discounts. Choose Adults Only Versus Family Friendly The all-inclusive resorts are generally split between adults only and the family-friendly options. There are several resorts which are kid-friendly and are highly sophisticated and they are mostly for adults and others are only for young families. If you want to spend a peaceful and romantic holiday then choosing the adults-only section is good for you. The Amenities There are some resort packages where you do not get everything that was promised and included in the package. There are several cases where food and drinks are included. These little details change one resort to another. Also, the are some resorts which provide you with facilities depending on your stay. Therefore check well before you choose a package. As for customer reviews and see whether the package that you are getting is trustable and genuine. Check The Location It is important to check the location as well. If you like shopping then choose resorts that are in the heart of the city. If you want to experience thrill and adventure then choose resorts that are near to such spots. In these cases, your travel agent can help you to choose the best destination by narrowing down the list of options. Size Of The Resort The all-inclusive Manali resort packages are quaint to enormous. Both large and small resorts have their disadvantages and advantages. This generally depends on your preference. If you want to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere that is quiet and peaceful then there are several resorts in Manali that will provide you with the same. Also, talk about the size and number of rooms that you need for your travel agent. This way you will get what you want before you visit. The Atmosphere Of The Resort Even if you are choosing the adults-only resort you should keep in mind that adults only mean that you need to be above 18. Some resorts cater to younger adults which one may not prefer. Therefore check the atmosphere and the type of resort that you are choosing. Following these points, you will get the best Manali Holiday Packages and enjoy your holidays with your friends and family. So enjoy your next holiday by choosing the best resort in the destination that you are choosing. Book Ladakh Holiday Tour Packages – An Incredible Road Expertise Thu, 27 Jan 2022 10:59:43 +0530 The Ladakh tour package is just for people who need an exotic and interesting vacation to 1 of the foremost superb and hypnotic places on the planet. An area wherever the sky touching snowcapped mountains, turbulent waterfalls, and the echo of Buddhist chants isn't simply a dream. you're captivated by the majestic fantastic thing about Ladakh the instant you step here simply book Ladakh vacation Tour Packages from a reliable tour operator to admire its beauty. Once you visit these majestic mountains of Jammu and geographic area you're feeling blessed and understand the real fantastic thing about the character and surroundings.   Why Ladakh is thought of as a spiritual place? The specially designed Leh Ladakh tour package has nice deals for everybody. The tailor-created Leh Ladakh tour package offers you the luxurious tour of hypnotic craggy parcel and abode of Buddhism. Once we mouth Ladakh, we mechanically consider Buddhism. Ladakh is thought for its age recent monasteries and wonderful Buddhist culture. A visit to monasteries referred to as Gompas marks the onset of the journey. The Ladakh tour package takes you to the foremost illustrious Hemis Gompa wherever you get a set of paintings and art and design bearing on Lord Buddha. Ladakh tour package additionally takes you monasteries like Thicke and Shey that are subject masterpieces of the planet. Thereby your trip to Ladakh additionally proves to be soul-stirring.   Perfect journey sports destiny If you think that it's just for spiritual folks and should get boring... Well, suppose again! You’ll fancy the journey sports of every kind here with the Ladakh tour package. You’ll fancy completely different journey sports like mount, trekking and even foam rafting here. There’s additionally a provision of ancient sports like sport and polo. Therefore you'll merely don your journey gear and be ready for a final adventuresome time of your life. To be able to fancy sports of every kind it's best to not prepare for the trip to Ladakh severally. You should rather Book Ladakh Holiday Tour Packages to induce correct arrangements and security.   With the Ladakh tour package, you get the most effective of each world- the tranquillity at one finish and journey activity at the opposite. The Ladakh tour package additionally offers the supply of land rover hunting expedition and road connect with Ladakh to create your expedition a lot thrilling. You get a land rover hunting expedition from Manali to feel the character from even nearer. Except for road excursions, there are alternative ways in which to attach to Ladakh likewise. If you do not have enough time or fitness then you'll merely fly until Leh. It’s versatile to cater to your wants and wishes.   Important things to be carried for the Ladakh road 1. Carry your ID card and a few photocopies of it 2. Medical Insurance (if any) 3. Map of Ladakh 4. List of necessary contacts on paper as phone batteries might die there quickly. 5. Chargers of your phone 6. Additional battery if you have got any for your camera as in cold envy batteries die quickly. 7. Carry sufficient memory cards for your camera. 8. Your agent contact details Incredible Reasons to Book Manali Sightseeing Packages Fri, 25 Mar 2022 10:19:27 +0530 At the northern end of the panoramic Kullu Valley, situated along the banks of the River Beas and surrounded by lofty mountain peaks, Manali is a picturesque Himalayan tourist destination. It is located in Himachal Pradesh - one of India's most charming and captivating states. It is the ideal place to beat the heat of Indian summers. Also, it attracts a considerable number of honeymoon couples every year. Book Manali Sightseeing Packages with exceptional itineraries are available online.    What will you get in a Manali Sightseeing Packages?  For the typical travellers on holiday Manali tour package has tons to offer. If you Book Manali Sightseeing Packages from a trustworthy and preferred travel operator, then you will be available with many sightseeing attractions, as well as exciting sporting activities such as    skiing  hiking  tobogganing  paragliding   mountaineering for the ones who are adventurous    You can also opt for according to the available options in a package and your budget.  Kayaking,  Mountain biking on a Jeep safari  Motorcycling  Rrock climbing and fishing   This area of Himachal Pradesh has beautiful rivers fed by the snows higher up, and several of those rivers offer exciting white-water rafting. Most of these adventures can be broken up into day trips. In this way, you will have varied activities to do daily. However, you need to discuss it with the travel gurus.   Best places to visit in Manali Some of the best places in Manali, if included in the tour package, makes it an ideal Manali tour package for all age groups:   Hadimba Temple  A temple with a pagoda-shaped rooftop and a doorway with complex designs entice the tourists in a way. This temple is acknowledged for its finest craftsmanship.   Monasteries If you want to relish a peaceful atmosphere full of religiousness, then numerous monasteries at Manali are the best places to reach.   Solang Valley  If you are an adventurous soul, Solang valley has the best activities to offer you paragliding, skiing, etc.   Old Manali Old Manali, the heart of Manali, is a beautifully populated place with quaint houses. These are picture-perfect masterworks of wood and stone, supercilious pine trees and home-grown markets lively with crowds.   Charming Eateries In 5-star hotels, it is recommended to enjoy local cuisine at local eateries with natural surroundings. Nothing can beat the eating experience amidst the local folk performances in natural surroundings.   River Beas If you are a newly-wed couple, a water sports fanatic, or calmness lover, River Beas is the place that will effortlessly attract your attention.   Mall road This place is beautifully populated with various hotels, markets, and eateries. If you book cheap tour packages To Manali, you get a chance to book every destination on your own.   You don't have to haggle with local tour operators to Book Manali Sightseeing Packages to enjoy this place the most. Just switch to the highly trusted travel operator online.    Exclusiveness they have with them to offer to vacationers:  • User-friendliness  • Fulfilment of commitment  • Various assortment of packages  • Wide coverage  • Ready to serve with customization  • Hospitable customer support An Ultimate Guide to Manali Thu, 28 Jul 2022 10:49:03 +0530 Manali is one of the desired hill station locations for tourism located in North India. The place is known for its climate and weather. It is believed to be one of the best locations for adventure tourism as well. In India, It is known as the hub for tourism. The snowfall can also be enjoyed in the mountains of Manali. For living in Manali, you need hotel accommodation in Manali. It is advisable to pre-book the same.    About Manali Tourism In Manali, You can see the actual beauty of nature. It is the perfect vacation spot. The Himalayas surround it. gives the feeling of serenity and purity. Situated in Himachal Pradesh, It is said to be the place for mountaineering also. The Famous places to visit in Manali are:   Hadimba Temple: This temple is located in Manali. It has great significance in India’s Heritage. Hidimbi Devi was female in Mahabharata in respect of which this temple was created.   Vashishta Temple: This temple is also known to have significance in Hindu mythology. The place gives us water from the hot springs. It is approximately 3.5 km from Manali Bus Stand.   Jagatsukh: It is known for important shrines like Shiva Temple. The other shrines present are Gaurishankar, the Sandhya Devi Temple, etc.   Rohtang pass: It is said to be the point which is highest in Manali. Other spots present over there are Dassaur Lake, Beas Kund, etc.   Club House: It is present in the foothills of old Manali village. You have the opportunity to play games in this clubhouse.   Maa Sharvari Temple: It is a temple of the goddess Durga. Durga Maa is considered to be the kuldevi of Kullu valley. It is considered to holiest place.   Rahala Waterfalls: It is considered to be at a high altitude. It is the beginning of climbing to Rohtang Pass.   Manali Gompa: It is the monastery. It is famous for buddhists preachings.   Nehru Kund: In India, it is the natural spring. It is one of the kund to visit.   Jogini Waterfalls Hampta Pass Museum of Himachal Culture and folk art Manali Sanctuary Chandrakhani Pass Arjun Gufa Himalayan Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple Gulaba Mall Road Van Vihar National Park Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa Monastery Cafe 1947 The Castle Manali Nicholas Roerich Art gallery and museum, etc.   Various adventure sports that are available for tourists in Manali are: River Rafting In Manali: It is the sport for which most tourists come to visit Manali. It is organised for the people with utter care and by professionals. Proper care and safety issues are also kept in mind. Water rafting can be done on rivers Beas and Tattapani.   Camping: The camping can be done in the places Sethan, Bhuntar, Solan Valley, etc. The camping can be done in Manali on a larger scale.   Trekking: Manali is known for the high mountains and terrain that make it suitable for trekking. The dense forests, streams, and sacred temples are there on the way the trekking. The places that are available for trekking are the Kheerganga trek, Kasol, Tosh valley trek, Chandrashila trek, etc.   Paragliding: The places for paragliding in Manali are Solang valley, Parvati valley, etc. Manali is considered to be perfect for paragliding.   Skiing: Manali is known for the snowfall that occurs in that place. The himalayas make it the perfect place for skiing. Downhill Cycling: Manali is a favourite place for adventure sports. It is known for downhill cycling.   Jeep Safari: This is considered to be an adventure sport that is cherished by everyone. The places where one can enjoy adventure sports are Rumsu, Leh Ladakh, Chandratal, etc.   Snowboarding: It is different from skiing and is usually taken from the mountains that are steeper and longer mountains.   Zorbing: In this adventure sport, a plastic ball is made and in this, it is wrapped around a person. Then the person is rolled down the hill.   Cable Car Ropeway: It is considered to be the most enjoyed sport by the people. The Proper view of mountains, forests, and other things can be viewed and enjoyed by it. River Crossing Sites: It is believed to be taken by most people. This can be done in places like Van Vihar, Solang valley, Morpheus Valley, etc.    Angling: It is also done in Manali for enjoyment.   Ziplining: It is normally similar to river crossing sites. In this, the waist of the person is tied with a rope. The place to do this in Manali is : Haripur, Solang Valley, etc.   Luxury Hotel Accommodation in Manali There are many companies which deal with the booking of hotel accommodation in Manali. Luxury Hotel Accommodation In Manali has the top-most facilities. The companies are very much dedicated to their work. They have well-trained staff and they provide their services with full loyalty.   The comfort of the client is kept in the mind. The luxury Hotel Accommodation In Manali has a reputation and is appreciated by most tourists. The services that are provided are:   Restaurant and Disco Pub Interior Accommodation The restaurant and disco are provided with the things that are needed for enjoyment. The lighting and the interior design of the restaurant and the disco are the top-most. The fine quality products and services are provided there. The restaurant has professional chefs and cooks. The food items given and offered there are the best in the world.    The cuisines are multi-dimensional. In restaurants, gourmet breakfast is served. The cooks are very dedicated to their work. The music played and the remix done is according to the demand of the customers and tourists.   The interior accommodation of the hotel is very carefully designed. The whole design of these luxury hotels is done to make the clients feel the best. The companies for booking this accommodation are available on the internet. You can check the sites for booking these accommodations.    The prices are reasonable. You can fully trust these companies. So, register these hotels from these sites. Enjoy your tourism with the services of these hotels. Book Manali Sightseeing Packages to Pamper your Holidays Fri, 23 Sep 2022 09:48:49 +0530 Located in the middle of the hilly mountains of Himachal Pradesh, Manali is one of the best places where you can enjoy your holidays and have a wonderful experience. It is a place where nature and beauty combine. If you are planning for holidays in Manali and visit the nearby sightseeing, it is better to book Manali Sightseeing Packages. These packages will help you to visit different destinations available in the areas by car or even taxi. Manali’s scenic beauty, and remarkable landscapes, will never allow your trip to be just a common holiday. The travelers here can enjoy the soothing sound of the water flowing in River Beas and the fresh scent that is spread all over.   No matter, whether you are going for a short trip or even a long one, a comfortable stay or even an adventure holiday, whatever your travel favorite, the travel companies have the right Manali vacation tours for you to select from. Looking to pamper? Don’t forget to check out the best affordable Manali Sightseeing Packages providing the finest of the hotels and inclusions planned to pamper you on the Manali vacation.    Enjoy the Natural Beauty  No doubt, tourists come to Manali to enjoy the natural beauty. If you are also a nature lover, you must take the Manali tour package by car to discover the natural wonders of Manali. Here, you can visit Solang valley, Kullu, Rohtang pass and Gulaba. So, you can find a taxi service that can assist you in discovering the beauty of nature.    Temple’s tour Manali is quite admired for the holy temple and river streams. There are lots of renowned and esteemed temples in Manali and Kullu valley that we comprise in our Manali sightseeing taxi package. You can book a tour of different temples such as Hadimba Devi temple, Manikaran, Manu temple, and Vashisht Temple. These temples are also covered by nature beauty.    Monuments There are different famous historic monuments located in Manali that you will love. Along with natural beauty, Manali has famous places of historic significance. You can visit different places including the Tibetan monastery, van vihar, Naggar Fort, Waterfalls, etc.    Adventurous tour in Manali  Different Manali adventure tour packages, offered by the travel agent, give you real fun and ever-lasting memories. The team takes care of every prospect of a trip, from meals and accommodation to transfers. If you wish to try thrilling activities like paragliding, skiing, river rafting, trekking, and Jeep safari, then it is better to choose the best Manali adventure sports packages.    With the team, you can enjoy river rafting on the fast-flowing Pin, Beas, and Spiti Rivers, and kayaking on the tank of Pandoh Dam. Execute the dream of flying in the sky with our packages, based around paragliding. We will take you to two renowned ends for the activity, Marhi, and Solang Nallah. Those, who wish to take a closer look at the land of the mountains and the wildlife flourishing here, can choose to trek. By getting availing of the services, you can take on the Bhrigu Lake trek, Chandra Taal trek, Beas Kund trek, and Chanderkhani trek.   Angling and fishing tours The Gangetic plains and the Himalayas foothills of the best locations to head to, to take pleasure in a thrilling angling/ fishing tour. Golden Mahaseer fishing and Trout fishing are two of the trendiest angling varieties for guests here.   Manali Tourism takes you to a land of entangling mountain paths, lofty snow-capped mountains, rippling streams, and green lively valleys. Spacious from the other hill stations of the nation which were once upon a time the inner point of all British activity, this hill station boasts of its natural and scenic beauty. The Manali Tour Package gives you amazing accommodation options from real luxurious deluxe suites to cheap and reasonable rooms.   Manali has turned into one of the most loved tourists ends in the last few years. You are advised to purchase Manali packages to save time and money. The center of Manali is The Mall (main bazaar) which boasts of trekking shops, areas, and eateries. One can have the time of the life at The Mall by digging into some appetizing food and trying your hand at mountain climbing and trekking. If you desire to enjoy the bliss of ice skating and skiing, then you are suggested to take a Manali tour during winter.    However, the weather might a bit cold at the time; you will surely love the snowfall and the winter games. Meanwhile, for idyllic weather conditions, the finest time to visit Manali is between May and October. However, you should try to avoid the monsoon months!   The old Manali or even Manaligarh is yet another hot tourist spot. It is a delightful and quaint village sated with fields and orchards. It will move you into an ethereal world and suggest lots of longing. One must also check out the Tibetan monasteries which include the renowned Gadhan Thekchokling Gompa. Yet other notable sightseeing locales of Manali are Rohtang Pass, The Great Himalayan National Park, Beas Kund, Snow Point, Vashist Baths, Jagannath Devi Temple, and Pandoh Dam. Manali also boasts of some wonderful trekking areas such as the Manali-Lahaul area. More outdoor activities that you can take pleasure in Manali are camping, rock climbing, mountaineering, fishing, and jeep safari.   At the time of the Manali tour, you should even indulge in a bit of local shopping buying handicrafts, carpets, or souvenirs in The Mall. Manali also has a thread of restaurants, cafés, eateries, and food stalls. One can also discover the outstanding food in the Manali hotels. For the right accommodation, you can either look into some of the best Manali hotels or discover lodging in guest inns, houses, and lodges. Manali is having the special facilities that modern life has to give. In the middle of the mountains and the snow, travelers can enjoy simply unforgettable times.   If you are looking for more information on Book Manali Sightseeing Packages, you can visit for more information. This Is Why Everyone Should Visit Ladakh Once In Their Life Wed, 25 Jan 2023 16:07:31 +0530 Ladakh is the kind of place where visitors would have experiences they would never forget. This is a place that appeals to older travellers looking to unwind and refresh. Also, young travellers who want to explore have an exciting time with Ladakh Holiday Tour Packages. Here are the main considerations for visiting Ladakh. Scenic Beauty -  Ladakh is situated in Jammu and Kashmir's Himalayan mountain range. Himalayan and Karakoram mountains surround it. Sands of various colours made of crystal cover the entire landscape. The rivers here are a brilliant blue colour. The landscape of this location is dotted with snow-capped mountains, monastic silhouettes, perennial streams, and vegetative patches. Nature enthusiasts, photographers, and others who enjoy a tranquil, picturesque setting should visit this location. Colourful Festivals -  Any significant event is the ideal time to visit Ladakh. Numerous days are considered lucky, including Dosmoche, Phyang, Tak, Losar, Hemis, and others. Each festival is marked by a variety of activities. They include vibrant dances, celebrations with a distinct flair, and theatrical performances. At work, you can also discover a wide variety of musical instruments. The Masked Lamas dance at the Hemis Festival is the greatest of all. Cuisine -  Have you tried pink tea before? The best and only location in India to have pink tea, authentic momos, and Thukkpas is in Ladakh. In a number of the neighbourhood shops, you would have eaten momos. However, here you may sample authentic Ladakhi food that combines Indian, Nepali, and Tibetan flavours. There are many distinctive recipes with potent flavours available for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Outdoor Events -  You may take part in a multitude of outdoor activities in Ladakh. Numerous locations are available for trekking. If climbing Mount Everest is not your thing, you can go to other mountain summits or some well-known monasteries. Nun-Kun, Jang Yatse, and Stok Kangri are the best peaks to hike to. On your route, you'll see fascinating panoramic views, lovely villages, and valleys. Here, you may bike through the mountain passes. Ladakh is home to three of the highest mountain passes on earth. In the summer, a large number of tourists from all over the world travel to Ladakh to take motorised rides across these passes. Exploring Monasteries - Many old monasteries and gompas may be found here. You may hike to several monasteries and spend a few days there for free. There, you may participate in rites or just wander around the monasteries. Ancient texts, antiquities, vintage décor, and other items may be found at many monasteries. These monasteries are the sole places to celebrate several festivities. Relaxation and Rejuvenation -  No matter where in Ladakh you decide to go, you'll undoubtedly rest. You may unwind, appreciate nature, and revive yourself. Several monasteries assist you in finding inner calm and meditation. You're not limited to visiting monasteries. A solitary morning stroll in Ladakh will instantly calm you down. Lakes -  Here, the lakes are incredibly tranquil and magnificent. Pangong Lake is the greatest lake to visit. The hue of this lake varies throughout the day. It's a beautiful lake where you may also camp nearby. This lake is covered with ice throughout the winter. People use the lake to drive their cars or play cricket. There, the weather would be -30 degrees Celsius, so you would need to prepare accordingly. It may be because of the extremely cold weather, the tranquil setting, or the energy in the air. This is one of the romantic locations that people choose for honeymooners to spend some quality time together. A romantic week spent in the country's coldest region may ignite love and work magic in ways you never imagined. There are several benefits that you get when you Book Ladakh Holiday Tour Packages. One of the most magnificent, thrilling, and serene locations on earth. This is a space for everyone. This site would be intriguing to your adolescent child, wife, and everyone else. Factors To Keep In Mind Before Making Hotel Reservations Wed, 25 Jan 2023 16:24:17 +0530 Hotel reservations are one of the most critical elements of Chandigarh Shimla Manali packages. You will always require lodging, whether you are taking a weekend trip or a two-week vacation. Through the internet, booking a hotel has become relatively simple, but occasionally the selection might be overwhelming. Important Advice When Reserving a Hotel for Your Vacation This article has gathered all the details to assist you in making hotel reservations for your vacation. When making hotel reservations, take into account the advice provided below. It concerns hotel promotions, bonus programmes, and most importantly, when and where to make hotel reservations. When Staying, Be Adaptable It greatly helps if you can be flexible with the length of your vacation or stay in order to locate affordable hotel offers. When compared to the weekend, hotel rates are frequently lower throughout the week. In particular, it is for vacations or city breaks. Flights and this are similar. Traveling during the low season as opposed to the high season and not booking your hotel for the holidays also helps. Due to this, occasionally there are significant pricing discrepancies. Chandigarh Shimla Manali tour packages are frequently significantly less expensive during the off-peak season in many resorts offered by Chandigarh. When Making A Hotel Reservation, Be Flexible With The Dates  Along with having scheduling flexibility when making hotel reservations, having flexibility on the day of your reservation is also advantageous. It is preferable to make a hotel reservation over the weekend if you want to stay there.  A corporate hotel, as an illustration. The hotel receives a lot of business travellers during the week, making weekend deals conceivable. On the other hand, it is essentially the reverse if you intend to reserve a resort for your vacation. It is preferable to make a reservation here throughout the week.  This is due to the fact that weekend resorts occasionally raise their rates in order to profit from the large number of visitors during a brief vacation. Pay Attention To How Long Your Trip Will Take The length of your trip should also be taken into consideration while choosing a hotel. Although most hotels charge the same for rooms, some of them or some booking platforms provide discounts.  For instance, you might book a hotel room for 4 nights but only pay for 3, or something similar. You may extend your stay in that scenario. You do not, however, have to pay the full amount. Consequently, you can reduce your lodging expenses. Be Aware Of The Hotel’s Location If you reserve a hotel in a large city, it could be advantageous to have access to public transportation close by. In this manner, exploring the city will be simple and quick. Are you on vacation at the beach? After that, you can check to verify if your hotel is indeed directly on the beach. Because a hotel’s “near the beach” designation does not always imply that it is actually close to the beach. Avoid staying at a hotel that can be close to a nightclub if you want peace and quiet.  Most of the time, Google Maps allows you to view the entire area by looking at more than just the map. The names of the adjacent structures and locations are also included. Conclusion Budgeting is a crucial component. When deciding on weekend trips, your budget is one of the most crucial factors to take into account. Always account for comfortable expenses when calculating your budget. Resorts are places where people go to unwind and have fun during the weekend or while on vacation with their loved ones, friends, or co-workers. The city is home to a large number of resorts that offer services to a variety of visitors. Services Provided by Luxury Hotels In Manali Sat, 22 Apr 2023 12:13:19 +0530 A variety of services are included in luxury hotel packages in Manali to make sure visitors have a relaxing and enjoyable stay. The luxury hotel packages in Manali include a wide array of facilities to make sure that each visitor has a relaxing and enjoyable stay. Here are some suggestions to aid you in choosing luxury hotel packages in Manali :  Establish A Budget Establishing your budget is essential before looking for luxury hotel packages in Manali. This will enable you to reduce your selections and prevent spending too much money. Examine The Hotels Find Manali luxury hotels that meet your needs and price range. Look at their websites, go through customer evaluations, and search for any extra benefits they could be providing. Inspect The Area Make sure the opulent hotel is close to everything. It should have easy access to public transit and be close to the tourist attractions you want to see. Seek For Supplementary Facilities Other features like spa services, exercise facilities, and fine dining restaurants are frequently provided. Make careful to look for these features and determine whether they suit your preferences. Reserve in advance It is always preferable to reserve your luxury hotel package in advance to prevent last-minute complications. Also, this will assist you in obtaining better prices and avoiding any availability concerns. Services Offered by Luxury Hotels In Manali You may choose the greatest luxury hotel packages in Manali that meet your needs and budget by heeding the advice in this article. Depending on the hotel and the season, Manali hotel packages may vary. But they often include a mix of lodging, meals, and activities. With Manali hotel packages, you can typically find the following characteristics: Accommodations Luxury hotel or resort stays are frequently included in hotel package in Manali. Depending on the package, the facilities and style of the room may change. The majority of Manali’s luxury hotel packages offer lodging in tastefully furnished rooms or suites. The accommodations could include king-size beds, fine linens, and upscale toiletries, among others. Meals In many hotel deals in Manali, meals like breakfast, lunch, and supper are included. Snacks and drinks could also be included in some packages. In Manali, luxury hotel packages frequently include meals, including free breakfast, high tea, and multi-course dinners in on-site restaurants. In-room food options may also be available at some hotels. Activities In Manali, hotel packages frequently include extras like sightseeing tours, action sports, spa treatments, and cultural experiences. They can be modified to fit various hobbies and preferences. Adventure activities like trekking, skiing, paragliding, and river rafting may be offered by hotel packages in Manali. These exercises can be altered to accommodate various skill sets and interests. Wellness Centres Manali offers many luxury hotel packages that include spa and wellness treatments including massages, facials, and aromatherapy. Some hotels may offer special deals at local wellness centres or may have their own on-site spa facilities. Cultural Encounters Hotel packages in Manali sometimes include cultural activities. These include guided tours of local villages, excursions to monasteries and temples, and traditional dance performances. Conclusion These services are created to satisfy the requirements and tastes of affluent travellers looking for a unique and luxurious holiday. Overall, Manali hotel packages provide a complete and practical method to take a lavish holiday in the Himalayas. You can have a stress-free holiday with all the required conveniences and activities. Choose a package that fits your interests and tastes. Why Should You Consider Booking A Resort Package In Manali? Mon, 24 Apr 2023 10:57:44 +0530 Manali is a stunning hill town that may be found in Himachal Pradesh, India, in the Kullu district. It is a well-liked vacation spot that draws many visitors each year. Manali, which is well-known for its snow-capped mountains, and adventurous activities, has something to offer everyone. The beauty and adventure of this location may be experienced by purchasing resort packages in Manali. Consider Booking Resort Packages In Manali For The Following Reasons: ● Mesmerizing Location -  Manali is renowned for its breathtaking setting in the Himalayas. It is understandable why this location is a favourite honeymoon destination given the mesmerising natural beauty of the area.  You may experience the mesmerising views of the hills and valleys from your resort by making reservations for resort packages. The majority of Manali's resorts are tucked away from the town's bustle in quiet, tranquil settings. ● Adventure Activities -  For those who love adventure, Manali is heaven. Adventure sports including skiing, paragliding, river rafting, trekking, and camping are available in the area. You may simply schedule and partake in these activities by purchasing resort packages. The resorts in Manali provide adventure packages that include lodging and food as well as a range of activities. ● Comfy Hotels -  Manali Resorts provide cosy lodging with a variety of conveniences. Modern amenities including Wi-Fi, televisions, hot water, and room service are available at these resorts. You may unwind throughout your comfortable stay in Manali by making a resort package reservation.  After a day of adventurous activities, the majority of resorts also include spa and wellness facilities, which may be a wonderful way to unwind and regenerate. ● Delicious Food -  The excellent cuisine is one of the finest benefits of choosing resort packages in Manali. Indian, Chinese, and continental cuisines are among the many options offered by the majority of resorts. You may eat a variety of cuisines that are made with ingredients and spices found nearby. Additionally, the resorts have breakfast, lunch, and supper buffets. ● Soothing Environment -  Booking resort packages might be an excellent way to experience Manali's tranquil atmosphere. The resorts in Manali offer a relaxing environment that is peaceful and pleasant. You may have a cup of tea or coffee on your accommodation's patio while admiring the surroundings and breathing in the fresh air.  Finding the ideal resort package in Manali might be difficult with the multitude of alternatives available. One of the greatest methods to locate the correct bundle is to conduct some internet research. Look for websites that provide Manali resort packages and compare the rates and facilities. Read resort reviews and ratings to get a sense of the level of service and facilities offered.  You may also consult with Himachal Pradesh-specific travel agencies or tour operators to help you locate the finest package. Before finalising the package, it is critical to evaluate the venue, facilities, activities, and pricing. You can get the greatest resort package in Manali that suits your demands and budget by conducting thorough research. Popular tourist destination Manali is great for a family trip, honeymoon, or alone break. As a result, book your Manali resort package immediately to ensure a fantastic stay.